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Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage Efforts to deliver the joy of [food] Satisfy our customers providing of [food], it is our mission. Through the safe and secure products and high-quality customer service Unusual taste, even in the whole country anywhere in the store Always able to deliver the joy of [food]. The effort for the We promise to our customers. The basic idea for the [promise to our customers] We will continue to provide satisfaction to many customers even one person in the products and services that [originality. We promise to act on the basis of]. In order to provide satisfaction to many customers, even one person, thinking things in the customer's point of view, it has been the basic idea that the tackle to work in the customer's point of view, pursuing the [food safety] through the efforts of quality health management and, we will continue to provide safe products in compliance with our quality control standards. In addition, in order to respond to your trust, we will continue to offer products, information about the service appropriate and timely manner to our customers.

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