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Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage I feel surrounding Muslim travelers corresponding From Southeast Asia to Japan travel market the rapidly expanding. Corresponding to the Muslims occupy the split of the area population has become an urgent issue. To many Japanese to need to greet the people of the Muslims it was not a contact to this acceptance environment. To think of this, first to try to listen to talk to Muslim person in question who is the best! So, at this time of the column while exchanging the story of Indonesian students who I have met you recently, I summarized the now my own thought of. Expanding Southeast Asia market Over time the than fast ones, and the other month this year. It is a bit hot day continues unlikely, but the visit to Japan market is also passionate this year. According to the data released from the recently JNTO, visit outside the arrivals of 0 first half-year was recorded ten thousand thousand people and record of the same period last year. An increase. In terms of nationality region, in addition to Hong Kong, Taiwan, countries of the Southeast Asia record (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam) visit to Japan outside the arrivals from is the highest past.

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