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Muslim-friendly KOMATSU / Komatsu Homepage And Islam (Professor) (إسلام islaam), which is one of the monotheism to be counted in one of the world's three major religions. Masanori Arabic in accordance with (described below) may also be referred to as Islam (Professor), the word means the only absolute devotion to Allah (God)]. By the way Arabic Salaam, which is also used in greeting represents the [peace] (سلام salaam) is also a Muslim and the same etymology, and at the same time with the nuances that [peace under the Kamui], one of the Allah of the Bisho ( that peace = is God itself). Overview It is one of the so-called Abrahamic religion, tradition flow of Judaism and Christianity. Establishment is relatively new in one of the major religions and the year 00 BC, your retirement Muhammad's prestigious merchant Hashemite went into meditation life in semi-retirement (Mohammed, Mahomed, both Muhammad) is, Mecca near the time of about 0-year-old It is to begin from that bestowed revelation from God in Arabic in the mountains. Faithful Muslims is an act's form of Islam, it referred to as that is [only of Allah (God) completely devotee who took on].